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Lightweight & Fast Websites

All of the websites created on our cloud-based creator software are light and amazingly fast, whether you access it on a desktop with a high-speed internet connection or on a 2G mobile device with less than excellent connectivity.

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Offline Capabilities

What’s even more interesting about the websites created on our website creator software is that they have the capability to provide content to the users in offline mode also.

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Safe & Secure

Cyber security & data privacy are emerging as some of the biggest concerns and issues today. The website that you create using our website creator software would, however be served through HTTPS, making sure that you are well-protected from cyber threats and breaches. As an added bonus, we make sure that your website is protected from DDoS attacks of all kinds, thus adding to the strict security provisions of the platform.

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Real Time Updates

One of the most wonderful features of Appy Pie’s website builder is that you can make changes to your website in real-time from anywhere, at any point in time, and that too without the need of any technical knowledge.

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Progressive & Responsive

The website that you create with Appy Pie works flawlessly across different devices and browsers, helping you deliver enhanced, seamless user experience.

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Low Data Consumption

Another great advantage of creating websites with Appy Pie is that they consume much less data as compared to the traditional websites which means that your users would be happy to explore your website without fearing exhaustion of their daily data limits.

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Unlimited Customization Options

Unlimited Customization Options

Appy Pie Website lets you customize your website to your heart’s content. You can edit the text, sizes, fonts, colors, brand logos, and more. It gives you a great opportunity to establish a stronger brand image, recognition, and memorability.

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Unique Features

200+ Unique Features

Every website is unique in its functionality and is built with a specific purpose. The no-code website maker software – Appy Pie Website offers over 200 unique features to satisfy any business goals you may have. All you need to do is drag and drop!

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SEO optimization

SEO friendly

All the websites built on our platform are optimized for search engines. It means that your website would have a better chance of ranking higher when someone enters a search query on their favorite search engine.

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How to Make a Website in 3 Steps with Appy Pie


Follow the steps given below to create your own website without coding:

  1. Enter the name of your business
  2. Enter your business and domain name. Select your business category. Appy Pie will provide you with a free domain if you don’t already have one.

  3. Add the features that you need
  4. Add appropriate features and webpages to your website and finalize your website design.

  5. Go live with your website
  6. Once your website is ready, go live within minutes with your new website!

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Online Website Builder to Create your own Website in Few Minutes

Appy Pie Website Builder is the perfect tool that lets you create your website within minutes without coding. All you need to do is go to our website builder, enter your business name, pick a category and color scheme, add your desired features, and customize the look and feel of your website. That’s all! With Appy Pie’s no-code website builder, you can make a website without any technical knowledge.

The website creator software from Appy Pie has a simple interface with drag and drop functionality, offline capabilities, and next generation features. Anyone can build websites without having to write a single line of code. The software is meant to be used by everyone ranging from small and medium sized businesses to local grocery stores. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can make a website in no time using this unique website builder.

We also have a rich library of frequently asked questions, video tutorials etc. that will help you learn how to create a website without coding. By following these tutorials, you can make websites like a pro in no time. What makes the platform truly amazing is that you can even purchase a new domain for your website from Appy Pie Domains.

Trusted by millions of small businesses worldwide, Appy Pie is the best website building platform when it comes to developing websites easily and efficiently with zero coding. All the websites built using Appy Pie’s website maker are lightweight, fast and secure to ensure better customer experience.

Using Appy Pie’s highly advanced website development platform, you can build top quality websites for restaurants, churches, DJs, real estate and much more. You can even earn money with your website through multiple proven methods including affiliate marketing, pay per click advertising, sponsorship, donations and different others.

Appy Pie Website is designed to make it easy for people to develop websites from scratch. So turn your ideas into reality by getting creative and create a website without any coding in less than 10 minutes!

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A leading DIY website builder, Appy Pie allows you to create a website, making it easier for you to grow your business & your brand online. It’s because of our easy-to-use, drag and drop website builder that Appy Pie has had the privilege to work with world renowned brands.