Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Customer service chatbot

A customer service bot can understand customer intent, conduct a conversation to gather more details

Banking Loan Application Bot

Gather applicant data and qualify them.

Medical Chatbot

A medical chatbot facilitates the job of a healthcare provider and helps improve their performance by interacting with users in a human-like way.

Recruitment Chatbot

Interested candidates can apply via a bot - reduces human & screening efforts

How to create an online virtual assistant in 5 easy steps with Appy Pie Chatbot

Follow these steps to create your own answer chatbot:


Enter your virtual assistant’s name

Choose a unique name to help your online assistant stand out


Select the bot type

Choose “answer bot”as bot type and add your brand name to your online virtual assistant


Create a personality for your virtual assistant

Select the personality you want your virtual assistant to have


Test your bot

Customize conversation flow to ensure your bot answers the questions correctly


Launch your virtual assistant

Your online assistant is ready to go live. Launch it.

Benefits of using a Appy Pie Chatbot virtual assistant

Virtual assistants can also be referred to as AI assistants or answer bots. Here are the major benefits of using an online virtual assistant for your business.

Instant Responses

Virtual assistants help businesses answer their users’ questions instantly. They go through the question asked, pick the keywords, understand the context of the question, search the keyword in the programmed project knowledgebase, and deliver the answers to the users. Although there are multiple steps in the whole process, an answer bot just takes a few seconds to finish it.


Intelligent assistants are affordable for smaller businesses that lack the resources to answer their customers’ queries in real-time. This saves businesses from keeping their customers waiting in a queue and spending hours or even days to get the resolution. AI assistants enable businesses to address their customers’ concerns right away and fix their issues in very little time.


Remote virtual assistants enable businesses to keep their users engaged round the clock. They work nonstop, take up repetitive tasks, save your time, and free up your team to work on other complex issues.

Customer Support

Assistant AI can be integrated with your help and support system to offer quick access to support articles. You can create and program an answering bot that answers questions and train it to chat with the customers. This helps in making the inquiry process well-organized and comprehensive.

Automated Answering

The automated answering service of online virtual assistants helps businesses give their users accurate and relevant answers other than just giving them suggestions. These intelligent bots save your users from searching the knowledgebase articles to get a solution for their problem.

4 Top Features of Virtual Assistants

Here are a few top features of AI Assistants to help you learn how they can be beneficial for your business.

Keyword Search

Virtual assistants read keywords from the text that users enter in the chat window. They understand the context of the question, search for the information based on those keywords, and deliver it to the users.

Bot Personality

Virtual assistants can have a unique personality in line with your brand. You can humanize your answer assistant as per your business requirements. This way your bot can interact with your users like a human agent and keep them engaged.

Upload Q&As URLs and Files

With this feature, you can upload links and files in your chatbot. Your virtual assistant uses these files to find answers to the users’ questions and assists them better.

Training Your Bot

Not every user comes with the same thought process. They can ask one thing in different ways or they can even mistype sometimes. You can use your AI virtual assistants to answer questions smartly. You can train the bot to ensure that it provides correct answers to the questions even if asked differently.