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How to Create Live Chat Software with Appy Pie Live Chat

It is very easy to create a Live chat software with Appy Pie Live Chat and invite your customers to chat online. Just like our other products, it's a three-step process:

  1. Sign Up With Appy Pie Live Chat

    Sign Up with your official company email ID.

  2. Edit the Live Chat Window the Way You Want

    Give the Live chat the design you want and brand it with your logo and brand colors.

  3. Copy the chat code and paste it in your website HTML

    And that’s it! Your Live Chat is ready to be used.

Segment your website visitors

Appy Pie Live Chat helps you understand the people that are visiting your websites and segment them into categories. You can define these categories according to your requirements, helping you create unique and personalized live chat experiences for your customers.

Using data just right

The data you collect from your website traffic will allow you to improve your live chat user experience and drive up customer engagement. You will also improve customer satisfaction drastically by offering customers and clients the help they need.

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Convert more leads

Users love a personalized user experience. Appy Pie Live Chat identifies the users that visit your website and gives you the necessary information that can help you deal with them more effectively. Appy Pie Live Chat enriches your live chat teams with customer knowledge allowing them to deal with each unique customer in a manner that ensures they are converted into leads.

Benefits of Appy Pie Live Chat’s Data Enrichment

  1. 50% increase in leads

    Companies that utilize Appy Pie’s excellent data enrichment and segmentation capabilities see a marked 50% increase in leads landing onto your chat windows.

  2. 5x Better Sales

    Research shows that businesses that segment their data usually have 5X-25X more conversions. Segmented data gives your sales teams the information they need to convert your leads.

  3. 3x Customer retention

    Customers love the convenience of online live chat. A segmented list of customers just gives you more flexibility in your customer conversations. You’re three times more likely to retain customers with segmented live chat.

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Why Appy Pie Live Chat

  • Twice as effective

    Each lead that you obtain from Appy Pie Live Chat is 2x as likely to convert into a sale. The extra information allows you to start your sales conversations earlier.

  • Built-in analytics

    Appy Pie Live Chat comes with analytics built-in to help you understand the data you’ve collected and deanonymize data within Appy Pie before transferring it to your sales teams or analytics software.

  • Limitless widget customization

    You can play with different colors and designs to customize your live chat widget as per your business preferences. Create the perfect widget for your website.

  • Chat ratings

    Visitors can share their feedback and provide the ratings for the chat they were part of. These can help you further optimize your sales and support teams.

  • Detailed visitor list

    Appy Pie provides you with a unique visitor list that lets you chat with people that visited your website multiple times without initiating a chat. With this list, you can proactively approach these users to try and convert them to leads.

  • Advertising list

    Like the visitor list, leads that open your website but don’t respond to chats are automatically added to your advertising list.