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Welcome visitors and qualify them.

How to Create a Lead Generation Chatbot in 3 Easy Steps

To make your own Inquiry Chatbot, follow these steps:


Enter your chatbot’s name

Enter the name for your inquiry lead generation chatbot


Select the bot type

Add your brand name and create the best lead generation chatbot


Launch your Lead Generation Chatbot

Test and launch your inquiry lead generation chatbot

Benefits of Using Inquiry Lead Generation Chatbot

Here are the benefits of using lead generation chatbots for your business.

Understand Your Audience

Lead generation chatbot makes it easy for you to understand your audience. It helps you identify the consumers’ likes, dislikes, and product interests. You can program chatbots to perform quizzes, surveys, and ask questions to understand what your user wants.

Educate the Audience

You can use lead generation chatbots to educate your audience about your brand. Chatbot interacts with your prospects and helps them understand your product better. This makes it easy for consumers to make a purchase decision.

Nurture Your Prospects

Lead generation chatbot helps you keep your audience interested in your brand and convert them into high-quality leads. With chatbots, you can target and schedule content to address specific segments of your target audience with dynamic enrolment, time zone-based scheduling, and sequences.

Facilitate Two-way Communication

Unlike other ways of generating leads, bots help you facilitate two-way communication with your audience. With chatbots, you can manage your conversations more effectively without losing the personalized touch.

Operate 24/7

Lead generation chatbots work round the clock and are always ready to answer the potential customers’ queries. The best part is that even if your prospects belong to an entirely different time zone, they don’t have to wait to get a response. Also, by being ‘always-on’, you can follow up with your leads quickly which helps you improve your conversion rates.

Features of Lead Generation Chatbot

Here are a few major features that make Appy Pie’s lead generation chatbot the best chatbot for lead generation.


With this feature, you can customize your lead qualification chatbot as per your business preferences. Also, you can add your product details to help your clients make informed purchase decisions.

Email Integration

Appy Pie’s chatbot for lead generation offers email integration. Appy Pie’s lead generation chatbot uses this feature to send out the user details and chat information to the concerned business owner.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The AI chatbot for lead generation is an easy-to-use chatbot for both business and its users. It has been created with a simple interface and allows you to add required business details in just a few clicks.

Exports Information

This is one of the most useful features of Appy Pie’s lead generation chatbot as it helps businesses keep a record of all the users’ information who have ever contacted the brand or interacted with the chatbot.

Interactive bot flow

The chatbot offers an interactive bot flow that helps you add your brand name and other business details in a single click. These details help your clients know your brand better.

How Chatbot Helps in Lead Generation

Appy Pie offers one of the best lead generation chatbots that help your business connect better with prospective customers and convert them to potential clients. The lead qualification chatbot helps you add your brand name and interacts with the users just like a human agent. With the help of business details that you add to this chatbot for lead generation, it lets people know more about your brand and keep them engaged with your products.

The chatbot interacts with the users who visit your website and collects the data like,

  • Name and contact details
  • Why they visited your site
  • List of questions they asked

It sends this data to you using an email integration feature so that you can keep a track of how many leads have been generated so far. Also, you can keep a check on the frequently asked questions so that you can add more details to your chatbot enhancing the overall user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


A lead generation chatbot helps you generate leads for your business automatically. It collects important information from your visitors converting them into potential leads for your business.

All Appy Pie Chatbot templates are free to use. You can create your inquiry lead generation bots for free without coding with Appy Pie.

A lead generation chatbot can be made for free. Appy Pie Chatbot’s lead generation bot templates are the perfect way to create a chatbot for your business.

Lead generation bots are unique applications of chatbot technology. Here’s how you can benefit your business:

  1. Collect important data: Lead generation bots can ask conversational questions to your visitors. This way they can collect important information about customer requirements and ensure that your sales teams are well prepared to face potential leads.
  2. Immediate availability: Chatbots can be online 24*7. This means that they can generate leads for your business all the time. This ensures that your business generates upto 3X more leads than normal
  3. Cost effective: Chatbots for lead generation are extremely affordable to build and deploy. They help provide a high ROI and more leads for your business.

Here are some of the top features of a lead generation bot:

  1. Multi-language support: A lead generation bot can provide support in multiple languages for all kinds of user bases.
  2. Customer support: Lead generation bots can also act as preliminary customer support solutions and are very affordable to create and deploy.
  3. Completely no-code: Create your chatbot from scratch without needing to code a single line. You don’t even need relevant knowledge about coding to create your lead generation bot.
  4. Simple integrations: You can integrate other support software, CRMs, and more into your lead generation bot to create more utility for your business and customers.

    Here are some of the top features of a banking loan bot: